Top News Stories of the Week – February 18

5b2e176e-6017-4cfb-ae0b-d0494f1992edUK Court Approves Use of Predictive Coding. The High Court of England and Wales issued an order this week approving the use of predictive coding in Pyrrho Investments Limited v. MWB Property Limited. Read more here.




Can Big Data Predict Employee Health Without 7e1c2390-9473-4db2-9d90-1d417e5c97cbBeing Overly Intrusive? Wellness firms are using big data to predict employee health and are developing targeted advertisements accordingly. Read more here.






Treating Information As An Asset. Gartner recently posited that the emergence of chief data officers confirms that enterprises increasingly value information and treat it as a strategic business asset. Read more here.


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